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The Benefit of the "LHWS" Technology

Greater product reliability. In contrast with today's burn-in processes which test only a sample of chips, LHWS-100 allows manufacturers to test each chip individually. As a result, the probability that defective chips will be shipped is substantially reduced and product reliability is greatly enhanced. These benefits are passed on to the end customer who integrates the chips into a board level application.

Faster time-to-market. While burn-in life tests for new products moving from engineering to production can take hundreds or thousands of hours, LHWS-100 provides immediate reliability data so that IC manufacturers can release their products into the market in a fraction of the time. LHWS-100's ability to accelerate product introductions is a key competitive advantage for semiconductor manufacturers in an industry where product life cycles are shrinking rapidly.

Effective for new technologies. While other alternative reliability testing methods such as IDDQ have been ineffective, especially in the era of increasing technological complexity, LHWS-100 has been shown to effectively identify weak components when tested on sophisticated, highly integrated ICs. This capability to provide effective reliability testing is a critical enabler for an industry where testing has not kept pace with technological advancements in other segments.

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