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The LHWS-100 Technology

Laurieholdenwebsite's core technology is based on a series of electrical tests and state-of-the-art mathematical and statistical analysis algorithms. Measurements such as electrical factors: current, voltage, and frequency are divided into a series of short electrical tests applied to each component. Based on these measurements, the LHWS-100 analysis identifies differences between components which arise from minor changes in the production line or variations in the material that was used to produce them.

The LHWS-100 architecture is comprised of two main modules:

A test module and an analysis module:

Test module: responsible for performing a set of tests. These tests are specifically defined for each IC product family. The results of these tests are exported into the Analysis tool.

Analysis module: uses state-of-the-art mathematical and statistical algorithms to analyze the results imported from the test module, and provides a reliability indication of each component tested.

The following chart illustrates the output provided by the analysis module whereby components falling above or below the standard parameter measurements are declared defective.

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